Thursday, July 17, 2014

Malaysia Stamp - Malaysian Fruits - July 17, 2014 Issue

I created these First Day Covers of 4 stamps of nangka, durian, honey dew and star fruit with hand cancellations that I made at Kangar General Post Office in Perlis and George Town General Post Office in Penang.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Malaysia Stamps 2014 Schedule (Updated Aug 5, 2014)

This is the tentative schedule for Malaysia Stamps in Year 2014 from Pos Malaysia. Based on past history, below list is constantly subject to last minute changes by Pos Malaysia.

Jan 27 Mon - Horse
Feb 14 Fri - Rose Series 2
Mar 13 Thu - Museum and Artifacts - Unveiling of the Hidden Treasures
Apr 26 Sat - Special Commemorative Cover in Conjunction with President Barack Obama's Visit to Malaysia
May 24 Sat  - Commemorative Cover City of Museums - Melaka and Jogja
May 31 Sat - Commemorative Cover-40 Years Diplomatic Relation between Malaysia-China
Jun 18 Wed - Grand Opening World Scout Bureau Kuala Lumpur Office
Jun 24 Tue - KLIA2
Jul 17 Thu - Malaysian Fruits
Aug 31 Sun - 57th Independence Celebration
Sep 15 Mon - Malay Folk Stories
Sep 25 Thu - Medicinal Plants Series 3
Oct 9 Thu - Joint Issue With Hong Kong (Popular Dish)
Oct 14 Tue - Project Giant Panda Conservation International Cooperation
Nov 4 Tue - Endangered Species
Dec 1 Mon -World Youth Stamp Exhibition 2014 (01-06 Dec 2014)
Dec 1 Mon - Malaysian Cartoon (Stamp Week)
Dec 12 Fri - Legacy Of The Loom Series 2
TBA - 40 Years of Reign of KDYMM Sultan Pahang

Monday, June 23, 2014

Malaysia Stamps - KLIA2 - June 24, 2014 Issue

I created these FDC of KLIA2 airport of 4 values of 80 sen and 1 miniature sheet of RM5 at Dato' Kramat Post Office in Penang island, Malaysia. Enjoy viewing - not for swap.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Malaysia Stamps - Grand Opening World Scout Bureau Kuala Lumpur Office, Malaysia - Jun 18, 2014 Issue

I bought and created these First Day Covers of these scout stamps at Dato' Kramat Post Office, Penang island for my collection. Not for swap. Enjoy viewing.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Malaysia - Commemorative Cover of Malaysia - China 40th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations - May 31, 2014

I cancelled this commemorative cover at Dato Kramat Post Office, Penang Island. There is Chinese characters used in the FDC cancellation - is this the first time? Cover on sold by Pos Malaysia on Monday June 2, 2014.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Malaysia Stamp - Melaka and Jogja: City of Museums - May 24, 2014 Issue

A 90 sen stamp modified to commemorate Melaka and Jogja: City of Museums. I created this FDC at George Town GPO. Nice cancellation design. In addition, I received a set of Indonesia joint cover of Jogja with Yogjakarta cancellation and a Melaka cover with Kuala Lumpur cancellation from Shinta of Indonesia.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Malaysia - Special Commemorative Cover - President Barack Obama's Visit to Malaysia

I bought this cover at the post office. It is a special commemorative cover of President Barack Obama's Visit to Malaysia in April 2014. The last visit by an American President was that of President Lyndon Johnson visit in 1966 - a lapse of 44 years.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Malaysia Stamps - Museums and Aritifacts - Unveiling of The Hidden Treasures - March 13, 2014

For this sequeal issue of Museums and Artifacts - Unveiling of The Hidden Treasures, I created these FDC for my own collection by visiting and doing my own hand cancellation at 7 different Post Offices - George Town GPO, Dato Kramat in Penang Island; Butterworth, Taman Chai Leng and Bukit Mertajam in Mainland Penang, Kuala Kangsar and Taiping post offices in Perak. Enjoy this unique collection of FDC cancellations.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Malaysia Stamps - Roses 2nd Series - February 14, 2014 Issue

This February 14, 2014 is both Valentine's Day and the Chinese New Year 15th Day known as Chap Goh Meh - a kind of Chinese Valentine's Day too. I created both these FDC at George Town General Post Office for my own collection. The stamps are 60 sen Hybrid tea rose, 70 sen Grandiflora rose, RM1.20 English rose and a heart-shape fragrance miniature sheet. Enjoy viewing.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Malaysia Stamp - Horses - January 27, 2014 Issue

The first issue of Pos Malaysia for 2014 is Horses - issued on January 27, 2014. At George Town General Post Office, the 80 sen value stamps failed to arrrive. Nonetheless, these are the First Day Covers that I created from my collection from the RM5, RM 3 Miniature Sheet and 50 sen stamps. Enjoy viewing.

Update CNY Eve: I got a call from the George Town General Post Office that the 80 sen stamps have arrived and so I managed to complete set of stamps and created another FDC for all the stamps. Yippeee. Happy New Year 2014, Year of the Horse.